If you’re a single male, fifty years old or older, you may think that your best years are behind you, where dating is concerned. It may surprise you to hear, but nothing could be further from the truth! As a well-established, distinguished man, you’ve got some truly epic advantages over those young-but-shallow twenty-somethings you’ll find yourself in competition with. In fact, you can easily land dates with smart, savvy, beautiful younger women who know what they want out of life. It’s all a matter of how you present yourself to a potential date. If you utilize the tips below, you’ll be able to land dates with women of any age, any time you want to.

Don’t Try to Be Something you’re not

A lot of mature men think that they have to dress and act much younger than they are, in order to land dates. This is actually both sad and pathetic, so never do it. The worst thing you can do is to try to be something you’re not. You’re not a 23-year-old Hipster, so don’t even try. The only thing such an approach will result in is a mockery.

Instead, dress like the worldly gentleman you are. You can easily command the attention of every available woman in the room if you simply play to your natural strengths.

Worldly and Experienced

Let’s face it, by fifty, you’ve been around the block a few times. You have accumulated decades of wisdom and experience, but more than that, you’ve accumulated STORIES. I’m not talking about boring, “I spent four years in law school eating Cheetos in my underwear” stories, but rather, real, epic, astonishing, and oftentimes hilarious tales of your misadventures. Share them. Learn the fine art of oral storytelling. You’ll find women thrilling to your tales of adventure, and they’ll connect the dots by themselves. If you’ve lived all these incredible adventures, and are game to have new adventures, what woman wouldn’t want to be with you?

You’re not old, tired, and over the hill, no! You’re a seasoned adventurer, looking for a companion to accompany you on your next journey. That’s virtually irresistible, and honestly, the stories that the young twenty-somethings have to tell will pale in comparison. Put yourself in the woman’s shoes: which story would YOU rather hear about? The story about cruising up the Alaskan coast for six weeks or the story told by the frat boy about puking his guts out at last week’s party? It’s just not even a competition. Use that to your advantage.


Young guys are cocky, not confident, and there’s a difference that women can spot a mile away. Cocky isn’t sexy, but confidence is extremely alluring. Be the confident, mature man, surrounded by immature boys. You’ll stand out like a neon light in a dark room, and the available women will notice your quiet, confident presence. They’ll be drawn to it like moths to a flame.

The confidence that comes from your years of experience manifests itself in other ways, too. Mature men aren’t afraid to try new things. They’re not afraid to laugh at themselves, and they generally don’t take themselves too seriously. How many preening peacock twenty-somethings have you seen at a night club on any given weekend? Probably too many to count, right? And you know how boorish and annoying they can be. If you’re in the same room with them, exuding the quiet confidence born of years of experience, you’ll shine like a diamond among a collection of cheap rhinestones. That’s what gets you dates, and sends the preening peacocks home alone.

The reality is that men tend to lag in their emotional development by about ten years, so a 30-year-old man has the emotional maturity of a twenty-year-old, in most (but not all) cases. That works to your advantage because it means for the women looking for meaningful dates and relationships, you’re a much better fit. They’re going to regard men their own age as little more than children in grown-up bodies, but you…they’re going to look at you as a man of substance. A man who knows what he wants and has something to offer a woman of taste and distinction. All that to say, your best dating years are not behind you! Not by a long shot.

These are a few dating advice for men over 50 who have recently come out of a relationship but remember not to set your sights too high at this stage.

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