If this is your first date and you want the most of it since dates are important. But after you have done all your research on the person and have had a great date you need to think further about what comes next. You need to make some physical gestures to show that you are okay for the next date but before that are we safe? Yes, we need to know whether they carry disease or not that can affect you. But then you start dating them anyway and get to know about something you think you should have known before.

Diabetes is something anybody can acquire, it is sometimes acquired genetically, and sometimes it just skips generations. Now if you are dating someone with diabetes, don’t be scared, we are here to help you with some tips while dating that person. Diabetes can be a problem that would bother you a lot but knowing these tips will help when dating a person. Now we will list down what to know when dating someone with diabetes.

Things to know when dating someone with Diabetes:

1. Emotion: Please understand that the person might not open up on the first day itself. They will open up when they feel its right to speak of it finally and when they do it’s your job to make them feel comfortable. It’s not a disease that should make you scared so don’t scare them away either. Don’t pressurize them into speaking more about it; they will do it as soon they are comfortable about it.

2. Relation: It is very wrong to make them feel like they are not worthy of a relationship if they have diabetes. They will feel that way once they are fully committed to you since now they have several responsibilities. To assure them that it is completely okay to have diabetes and be with someone for a committed relationship. They just need your support while they are dealing with something tough in their lives.

3. Lifestyle: A person can lead a perfectly normal lifestyle even if they are suffering from diabetes. Since if your partner is one suffering then do not fear to do things that you love, traveling, swimming, etc. You will not have to worry about these things since they have no effect on a disease like diabetes. You can still complete your dreams or desires with them or do what your hobbies are.

4. Sugar Level: You need to keep an eye on their blood sugar levels since this is something that is very crucial. They need to be comfortable enough to do it in front of you, or you have to remind them when they are away to do it at proper intervals. This is something they cannot skip, and they have to maintain their lifestyle depends on it. You have to remind them how it is important to maintain the levels of my checking their food habits.

5. Diabetic Issues: There are many feelings that our partners suffer from if they are dealing with diabetes and we need to understand them before we judge them for the mistakes they make. There will be decision changes, hard conversations, mood swings and so much more than just normal relationships. But you will have to cooperate and manage them since they are yours to care for too. Make them feel like it’s okay and they can openly share their feelings with you about these issues.

6. Help: They will need your help in matters that are urgent like bringing their medicines, checking their sugar levels, taking them to doctors, or even just giving them the medicines. But you will have to manage all that since in those times of need your relationship will open up and show its true colors. You have to be their assuring partner till the time you know help is on the doorstep, and you have to pamper them just like their parents would.

7. Mental Health: Just like we said there would be moments where they won’t be the same person, and they will need help, these are issues that are more related mentally to them rather than physically. There will be a desperate need for one food item, or maybe an old story or incident will come up. They might need you to be their confiding places or their consoling partner, so do so, and they must feel safe, okay, and welcome.

8. Talk: Whatever you want to know about a person you have to ask them rather than fiddling around with the thoughts in your mind. You have to talk to them about what is their weak points, what bothers them the most, what is there that you can do to help in the time of need, what are the things you can avoid to increase their anxiety or other issues. Talking will help and resolve so many issues just in so less time.

9. Appearance: There are several diseases in this world that might make you look bad or weak or not normal due to the side effects, but diabetes is not one of them. So try to appreciate what your partner looks like since it is going to increase their confidence way more than you can think of. Everyone is worried about appearances, how they look should be their last concern with diseases already on their backs.

10. Remember: As you learn all of this slowly with time, you need to remember whatever you have learned carefully. You will have to function properly, and then showcase everything according to their cause too. It’s not only you anymore but their health too that is a concern. They are your partners and responsibility at the same time.

Perks of Dating a Diabetic?!


With these 10 important points listed above, we hope you understand the importance of being careful and thus act in these cases. They are to be treated with care when needed and also given proper time. Please make sure you understand them and their needs as per their problems.

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