The 21st century witnessed many changes, and the world got open for many things which once were considered taboo. Dating, the very word was regarded as an unacceptable act, but today, this is the most common phenomenon or a stage every person goes through.

Well, even after we have entered the 21st century, there are certain things that remain the same. The shyness to approach someone, the mistakes we commit, the blunder we talk, and the things we run-up. For girls, things are pretty easy, but for guys, this acts as a contrast. Men have to be very cautious right from their first act of asking out a girl and to take their dating phase to another level.

So, today, we are going to help out the men here and giving them the valuable and most important tips when they are just stepping into the world of dating. Avoid being a fool on your first date and follow 11 first date tips for men.

1. Make a Plan

Planning is the first step! So, you have asked her out, and then she asks you where you are taking her, and you just had no idea. Trust me; this is the worst you can do to ruin your dating relationship at the first phase. So, plan it out, ask friends, and think about all of the talks and acts you would do. This will save you from being a fool, and when you are planning things, you are giving yourself a chance to get close to her.

2. Not Let Her Pay

It is true that women today are walking hand in hand with men and they are equally independent of the men, but still, there are few areas and things where you should show yourself and act like a man. You are going on your first date, you had awesome dinner, and then came the time to pay the bill. No matter, how hard is she insisting on paying, don’t let her and just say that “it is your treat, you shall pay next time.” This mere act of paying the bill will surely create a good impact on your dating partner.

3. Nervousness can Ruin it All

Okay, so, it is your first time that you have asked a girl out, and you are excited yet nervous about it. Well, it is normal, but don’t let your nervousness ruin your date. Carry your confidence with you and be straight about everything.

4. Carry Your Perspective

It may be your first date, and you are all excited about it, and you are trying to do everything to make your partner feel great about it, but that doesn’t imply that you should leave your perspectives behind and agree on everything the girl is telling. It is important that you make the girl familiar with what you think about diverse things. After all, it was your perspective that made the girl look special.

5. Dress Up Perfectly

It is not a party or your corporate meeting, but a date that matters to you. Dress up perfectly because your physical appearance will always go to be put up at first no matter how amazing sense of humor you have and to which extent your intelligence reaches. So, dress up in a way that impresses your partner in the first place.

6. Be Punctual

Being punctual always matters despite the fact that to which occasion you are going, and when it comes to going on the very first date, it becomes more important than the usual days. What if you reach late and she is already waiting there, and what if she is more cautious about being on time, chances are there that your date will ruin up. So, be on time and impress the one you are dating.

7. Show Your Involvement

So, it is her you are going to meet, and she obviously will expect all your attention and involvement, and you should stand up to her expectations. Talk to her, ask questions, answer her questions, stick your eyes on her, smile a lot, and these all will make you a great man in her eyes.

8. Give Her Compliments

She perhaps has worn her best dress to impress you and would surely have invested a great time to make her look gorgeous, so you ought to give her compliments. Don’t sound cheesy and be normal with your choice of words when you are giving her compliments. Make her feel special and do all you can do to make her realize that she means a lot to you.

9. Act Like a Man

Men have always been associated with the valor and chivalry and women with beauty and fragileness, but in modern times, it may have changed a little, and women today are independent enough to take care of themselves. This doesn’t state that the men have lost their chivalry. You can open the door of the car for her, pull out the chair for her and drop her off at home. This shows you still are a man!

10. Show Your Concern

If she didn’t allow you to drop her at home, do all that make her feel that you are really concerned. Call her up and ask if she reached home safely and of course, you can talk about how she felt about the dinner or the date. Make her realize how special it was for you. Ask her what she liked the most about you and when she would like to meet you again. The concern shouldn’t be ended up at night and should be followed up the next and the next and the next day.

11. Golden Nuggets of Advice

These 11 facts and tips about the first date will surely make you a man in her eyes. Do all that is given and of course, add your own touch in everything. If she means a lot, show her and make your date amazing enough that she wants to go again and again with you.

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