To find the most beautiful and poetic phrases that spike’s any girl’s interest is not the easiest task. Everybody cannot be Shakespeare. Interestingly, the attraction between two individuals takes place even before speaking out a single word. You can get the girl of your dreams just by your eyes. Eyes are the most powerful way to attract someone.

Here is a list of ways of how to attract your dream girl just with your eyes displaying affection.

1. Making Initial Eye Contact

When you want to attract someone, you should not be shy. It is extremely important to take the right initiative to make the initial eye contact. This further displays confidence which a lot many people find attractive.

Individuals usually tend to be interested in those people who are interested in them. When you are making the effort to meet the gaze of someone from across the room, it intrigues them. It is essential to try to make eye contact in the first chance rather than wait around being noticed.

2. Start with Few Couple of Few Glances

In case you are shy, you need to start things off with a couple of brief glances. You need to try glances at someone in a brief manner while looking away and then to glance. This further shows a potential partner that you are extremely attracted to them while needing their attention.

3. The Power of Intense Eye Contact between Man and Woman

Along with making direct contact, you need to watch someone from the corner of your eyes. This is an extremely useful move as it totally gets the attention of your dream girl. If you still have not had the opportunity to start a conversation, you can just simply watch someone from the corner of the eyes for duration few minutes.

You can spend around 5 to 10 minutes while eyeing someone whom you find attractive. Check out if the person is looking out at you while not making it seem too obvious.

This further leads to side-eye an individual while laughing or talking to a friend.

4. Encourage the Girl to Approach You While Using Your Eyes

Give out an appealing look while the girl smiles back at you. When you smile at someone, you should wait for a smile back. When the individual returns you a smile, look at her in the most appealing way that shows your urge towards her.

In order to show the girl that you are liking what you are seeing, you should make eye contact while offering another brief smile.

5. Keep Doing what you are Doing while Occasionally Making Eye Contact

After giving out the look, you can continue talking with your friends. At this time, you can keep smiling or even being engaged in a conversation. However, you need to look back at the person everyone in a while. Occasional brief looks or glances are an indication that you are interested in her.

6. Maintain Eye Contact While Having Conversation

Avoid overdoing it but it is extremely important to keep eye contact while making a conversation. This tip is one of the key ones in attracting someone. At the same time, it is important to note to avoid getting overboard with eye contact.

Once you have started off a conversation with someone, you also need to glance away while talking. However, avoid making a rude gesture so much so that you look at your phone or even at someone else. All you need to do is, make brief glances to the left and right in order to avoid being over the top.

It is important for you to strive to look at a girl’s face about three-quarters of the time while you are conversing with the girl. You need to keep your glances for the duration of about seven seconds and not more than that. This gesture portrays a genuine interest that can be extremely attractive.

7. The Use of Eyebrows

The raise of your eyebrows can be extremely appealing. While you are wondering how to attract a girl with your eyes, you can raise the eyebrows. This further conveys interest along with recognition. While conversing with the girl, you need to raise your eyebrows at the time when the conversation begins. This further increases the chance to attract the person.

8. Avoid Leering

The manner in which you look at a girl can have an effect. Hence, you need to maintain steady eye contact while talking to the girl. It is important to stop looking for the use of the corner of your eyes. Side-eyeing helps to make initial eye contact. It has been seen that individuals tend to respond better to direct eye conversations rather than the ones happening through side-eyeing.

9. Stare Deeply into the Eyes of a Woman

When you stare deeply into the eyes of a woman, you are communicating your attraction along with your concentration in a subtle manner. When you perform this in a repeated manner, there are more chances for a woman to get attracted to you. It might also lead to her reciprocating your actions. These long deep stares do not only communicate the fact that you find her attractive but also speak volumes about your own personality. It shows how confident you are to looking directly into their eyes.

10. Establish Powerful Eye Contact Before You Start Speaking to Her

Whenever you approach a girl, it is important for you to establish eye contact before you speak with her. This means that whenever you talk to a woman; try to grasp her attention to look at your first before you start making a conversation. This leads to the girl being much more active while listening to you and having fewer chances of being distracted. It also makes the entire conversation a lot smoother, charming, and natural.

The above-mentioned steps are the tips that show how you can attract a girl by using your eyes.

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