With everything around us getting ultra-modern it is important to note that even the women are making their moves. But there are times when it gets hard actually to do something about someone you like. Women are not always openly expressive about their emotions and thus here are 10 tips for knowing how to attract men when you like them.

Increase Interest

In order to have a relationship or conversation moving forward, you need to show interest and also increase their interest. They will only talk to you or approach you the next time if they feel that there is something common or something that interests them You have to bring out topics that they might like, or two might have in common. This will, in turn, make them also talk about your interests in the future. It is not necessary to talk about video games or superheroes, but there are many other things you can find interesting to discuss.

Outer Personality

This is the first thing that a person will notice in you despite the fact that you like them or not. You need to look nice, appealing, and smart while you approach someone. Dressing properly and in a manner that would attract a person towards you is an option while you make up, or hairdressing can be another point to be perfect at. But, it is important to remember that embracing your own self is the first step to take. Otherwise, nothing can make you look nicer.

Be Lively

While you act cute, lively, and funny, it becomes quite evident that you are easy-going. Once you start talking freely and openly, it makes them feel comfortable too while they share things with you. They are trying to find someone who is warm enough to understand them and also have fun with you thus being open and friendly on a good level makes it even better while you try to attract them.


There is no requirement for comparing yourself to anyone else just because you feel like they are superior to you. You can be your own self and still be the best since everyone has their unique qualities. You need to be the best version of yourself to attract men since being yourself is the key. If they see that you are trying to copy someone they will immediately lose their interest. Once you start comparing yourself, you will also lose your inner boost and confidence.


One of the greatest assets you need to add while you try to bring yourself out in front of men is that you need to take initiatives. You need to take a step forward while you like someone since that would not only make them want to go ahead with the conversation but also give out an image where you are a strong and smart person. It is a great chance to sometimes be the first one to talk about a relationship or resolving a fight or even asking someone out for a date.

Your Own Self

We, humans, are always changing whether in terms of our age, cells, or behavior; we are always becoming something different. While we are on the journey of discovering our true self, it is also essential to experience the best and let go of things which can be harmful to us. Now, while you are trying to be attractive to the man you like, embracing your own self is the best first step. You have to work with your strengths and then use them to attract the man.

Knowledge is Power

This statement is true for everything you have known to this day. Knowledge is something that can attract the hardest of judges and men are intrigued when someone talks about something that is of their zone or interest area. Now, not always knowledge has to be for being superior but you can also share it with them and teach them further to show that you are kind enough to spread what qualities you have. It can be a game, a musical instrument, or just technical knowledge but it is good to share.

Mood Swings

You need to control your mood swings if you are one of those people who get angry about anything and everything. It is not at all attractive to get hyped or angry about the smallest of things. One person needs to carefully understand and analyze what is wrong at the moment and then react. Otherwise, it is never a good site to be in. Also, this anger or irritation can cause issues in your relationship when you further go out with them. So, controlling your temper is a good option always while trying to attract men.


Although not all men are similar in this case the majority of them prefer women who have good taste in clothing. Apart from that, it is essential to dress nicely in order to have that extra confidence in you. Once you start accepting the type or style of clothing you want to go for, you will know that is essential and very important to dress well. Also, men like to see women dress confidently and in clothes that they are comfortable in. If you are fiddling with your clothes while you go out with them, you will be distracted, and that is not a good sign.


It is essential you cannot miss out on it. We all can have a body odor, a specific one, mouth odor, or something else, but that is a huge turn-off. So in order to come forward in the best way possible to be attractive to your man, you need to smell nice. You can start from maintaining your hygiene, your diet which plays a huge part in how you smell, and last but not the least what deodorant or perfume you wear.  Your mouth odor can be controlled by mouthwashes and maintain a brushing schedule. Smelling fresh and nice is the ultimate motto!

These are some of the tips that should help you feel elevated if you are feeling low while you try to attract the man you like. But if you are on your way already, then follow these tips strongly to excel in your way.

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