Are you one of those women who constantly ask herself one question, which is, I’m in love with two guys, what should I do? Well, first of fall, if you are facing such a situation, you need to be calm and gentle. This is okay and not a very unusual feeling to deal with. But, ideally, you should deal with this kind of a situation properly, so that you don’t end up hurting the feelings of any of the three persons present in this chain, obviously if you do want to deal with it. Considering that you are in for the dealing, below discussed are 10 different points which can be of real help to you.

1. Consideration of the Positive Qualities Held by Each Guy

Before just rushing into choosing one or dealing with the situation properly, a proper analysis of the positive qualities and the consideration of the same is highly required. Engage with him, know him better and extract out those specific positive qualities which adore you the most and attract you the most and not anyone else. Then you can make a proper analysis of the positive qualities held by each of them and take your first step in dealing with the situation.

2. Analysis of How Well They Treat You Individually

Many cases have been arising where the particular guy is very talented, special, full of good qualities, but lacks behind when it comes to treating you or making you feel special. Now, this is a very integral part as if you are going to choose one; you need to know how especially you will be treated, not only now but also in the coming future. Thus, a strict analysis of how special you feel when you are with both of them individually may play quite a big role in helping you to deal with the situation properly.

3. Consideration of the Negative Qualities Held by Each Guy

Just very much similar to the positive qualities, a proper analysis as well as consideration of the negative qualities of each of the two guys are equally important. Do note one point that, as those positive qualities can be very positive for you in your future, these negative qualities can also be equally negative for you in your upcoming future. Thus, a proper balance of those positive qualities and these negative qualities is very much important when it comes to dealing with the situation.

4. Analyze Their Feelings for You

A very important part! You are in love with a guy, doesn’t by any chance imply that the guy is also in love with you. This is just a real-time scenario and not something to demotivate you.

Thus, if you find, that there is no positive response from the other side, that is, that particular guy doesn’t feel the same for you as you for him, then it is obviously advisable that you don’t take the relationship to that level and keep it at such levels where you both will be happy with each other, for example, very good friends.

5. Seek Opinions from People You Trust

Sometimes, the opinions which are held by other people like your friends, maybe an eye-opener for you or may not also be. Maybe, you are so in love with a guy that you are unable to see his negative sides, which your friends can see or may not be. In either way, just to play it safe, you can have an opinion of what the trusted people in your life think about that particular person.

6. Chalking Down the Differences and the Similarities

It is better that you chalk down the similarities which are held by both the guys you love and also the differences between them. This will give you a picture of both your love’s side by side, from where you can decide that going ahead in which direction would suit you or in which way you can handle the situation best. Do remember, this doesn’t mean that you start comparing them. Don’t do that!

7. Trust the Feelings Coming from Your Gut

Many times throughout our lives, we have come across situations in which our gut feelings have played a major role in taking either the right decision or the wrong decision. Also, it often happens that we end up taking wrong decisions through the ignorance of our gut feelings. So, utilize your gut feelings to the fullest in this scenario. Either way, the final call will be from your heart and mind, thus taking opinions is always a good consideration.

8. Don’t Try to Rush

If it is taking your time to make your final call in how you would like to deal with the situation, it is absolutely fine and okay. Rather, you should invest time before your final call. Avoiding rushing into any kind of standing as it can eliminate many key parameters which you can end up missing if you are thinking to rush into it and take your decisions fast and swiftly. Invest time for the better decision of your life.

9. Establishment of Proper Commitment

Given that whomever you are choosing amongst the two loves of your life, you have to give in your full commitment to that very person. You cannot still slant on the other person also after you have chosen one of them.

10. Prepare for the After Reaction

Accept it or not, the moment you go with any of the guys, the other person will be affected by friendship. Yes, only if the other person has nothing for you, then it won’t be affecting. Thus, whatever be the scenario, you have to prepare for the reaction which will be after the choice.

Thus, hopefully, these 10 tips which we shared with you, have made sense to you and now you can go about in dealing with the situation you are in. Do remember that all the 10 tips mentioned above should be dealt with equal importance and there shouldn’t be any kind of discrepancy between what your mind wants and what your heart wants, and they are the two main factors that will be affected if you go with the wrong choice.

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