Love is a very tricky thing when it comes to exploring the meaning of it. Every person has their perspective when it comes to the concept of what actually it. The feeling is what they say is indescribable. Is it so easy though? You might have been in a relationship for so long but does it feels like a natural thing or it comes out forced? It is never that easy to understand if your partner is 100% invested in you. It is not that easy like plucking petals off a flower to decide if he loves you or not.

There can be grand gestures, but at the end of the day, it is definitely the commitment that counts. A person can say a string of words and not mean it while there might be someone who might be too shy to admit their feelings. It might be hard to trace the fact if your boyfriend loves you or not if he is not that expressive about his feelings. It is good to make sure that the person you call your boyfriend will be there to catch you if you fall. This article is here to enlist signs your boyfriend truly loves you.

1. His Eyes

The way he looks at you is something that might help you see the light, might help you realize. It is not about how long he stares at you, it is about how much importance your presence holds for him. He might look at a hundred and thousands of girls but still be a different person when it comes to facing you. That is exactly how it should be. The look that he shares for you should just be reserved for you. It should be something as if you hung the stars for him. It is not possible to verbally point out how it is; it is just felt in the course of time. If you don’t feel the spark, maybe it’s time to rethink the relationship.

2. Love is about Giving

A relationship is about giving. While the concept of it might seem not to make sense, it definitely holds some substance to it. Have you ever wondered why your parents seem to put your preferences first before theirs? It’s the unconditional love that includes only giving to your partner without any kind of expectations in return. Is your boyfriend doing the same to you? Because it should how it works, not just from your boyfriend’s side but yours as well. It should be the unconditional gestures of giving that should assure you that your man is the one for you.

3. You should be Their Priority

The sub-heading might seem a bit misleading. It is not important to be your boyfriend’s priority, but it is definitely important to be their only priority when it ones down to the time spent with you. He should give his undivided attention to you when it is just you two. Don’t misinterpret it as “being clingy” because it simply means that he is interested in being around you and is not doing it forcefully. Your man will make sure you know that he loves you and prove it to you.

4. Genuine Curiosity

One of the aptest ways to know if your boyfriend loves you or not is searching for their willingness to know about you. People might freak out with the word curiosity and associate it with “being creepy” and “inquisitive” but it’s not the case all the time. Curiosity is the best compliment that your man can give you. Curiosity lets you know that every minuscule detail in your everyday life matters to him and not in a creepy way. It’s about genuine concern and care.

5. Your Happiness is Something that He Wants

It is a mandatory fact that your happiness should be one of the most important things that he focuses on. A man who is in love with you will cross the mountains to make sure that you are happy. Your happiness should be accountable for theirs. It is important to judge his behavior when it comes to you. Nothing should be one-sided, not even the efforts. Just like the feeling, the efforts to bring happiness and smile to each other’s life should be mutual as well.

6. Does He Miss You?

Being apart is something that should affect them. If your boyfriend is genuinely in love with you, missing your presence should be something that comes naturally to them. If you find your man being affectionate to you and yearning your presence when you are away, keep them. It doesn’t have to be incessant texting or calls every few seconds. It can be a simple “I miss you” in the entire day to make you believe that your presence matters to them. A man falls in love with someone’s absence more than their presence. It is a proven theory. Does he show it to you? Does he show that his life seems a little empty when you are not in there? If he does, he sure is a keeper.

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7. Giving Up is not Something He Would Do

Times and relationships are not something that is going to stay stable 24*7. Times may get rough and relationships as well. Every person has a time in which they end up thinking that they are not good enough. If your boyfriend makes you feel like you are it for them, then they are definitely something you can look up to in the near future. He will do anything to make this work, to not give up on you. He will be there to assure you with every fiber of his being. Someone who loves you dearly will fight to the very end and make sure you know that you are worth fighting for. They will talk to you and make you understand if times get rough and not straight up leave.

So, try to realize these 7 steps right away and if it is there with your boyfriend, you shouldn’t think of leaving him ever.

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